Marking Bathroom Products with Laser Marking Machine

Bathroom products, including bathroom cabinets, faucets, toilet, bathroom equipment, basin, flush valve / spool, bathroom accessories, bath and other daily health activities of space and supplies, and daily life everywhere, and people's daily life is closely related.

green laser

With the development of the national economy and people's living standards, people on the bathroom product quality requirements are getting higher and higher, sanitary products function is not just the traditional sense of the above bath function, the quality of sanitary products and appearance directly affect people's living environment Comfort. In order to product differentiation and branding, the appearance of sanitary products need to draw the pattern and LOGO and other information, and the logo and LOGO mark the accuracy will directly affect the product appearance and quality. In order to be able to give sanitary products better quality and appearance, and in order to give people a better visual enjoyment, and now a large number of bathroom products manufacturers, have chosen to use laser pointer marking machine on the appearance of sanitary products marked beautiful and exquisite designs and LOGO information.

Laser marking machine in the bathroom products processing advantages: the laser marking and the traditional standard is different from the laser marking the use of high-energy density of laser on the bathroom parts of the local irradiation, so that the surface material vaporization or color changes in the chemical reaction, leaving A method of marking a permanent mark. Is an effective means of anti-counterfeiting; laser marking machine does not produce any harmful to the human body and the environment of chemical substances, is environmentally friendly high-tech products.

Laser can be marked with a very fine light in the product material itself, high precision printing, control accuracy, clear and perfect interpretation of the print content, with strong market competitiveness, and environmental safety, without any corrosive, completely isolated The chemical pollution, for the operator is also a kind of intimate protection to ensure that the production site clean and tidy, reducing the late input, reducing the noise pollution. At the same time the current blue laser pointer equipment using computer software system to control, you can play in the bathroom products above the various text, symbols and patterns, not only easy to operate, while feature-rich, can greatly meet the rich and diverse sanitary products need to mark.

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The Future Development of CO2 Laser

Power continuous CO2 laser marking machine laser: for the helicopter engine turbine blade with continuous laser cladding cracks and blade deformation problems in the 5kW continuous cross-flow CO2 laser, the use of new power control program, through software and related control, To achieve the pulse blue laser pointer power output to overcome the use of high-power switching power supply costs and stability problems and pulse modulation frequency up to 5Hz, modulation duty cycle can reach 5% to 100% when using 4kW peak power, 4Hz The results show that the heat affected zone is 50% lower than that of the continuous laser, and the hardness is increased by 5% after the cladding. The results show that the heat recovery zone is 50% , The interface with the performance of the base material is equivalent, no melting cracks and leaf deformation.

Compact long-life RF excitation waveguide CO2 laser: In order to make CO2 lasers in industrial processing and military have a wider range of applications, the use of aluminum alloy drawing profiles as a laser shell, plate mounted inductors instead of the traditional wirewound inductance structure and all-metal Sealing technology, etc., developed a compact long-life RF excitation waveguide CO2 laser. Can be continuously output or no higher than 20kHz modulation frequency pulse output, the maximum output power of 30W, the measured working life of more than 1500h, storage life of more than 1.5a The results show that the laser pointer has the characteristics of compact structure, stable output power, long working life, continuous and pulse modulation, and can be applied in military applications in addition to the processing of various materials.

red laser pointer

Acousto-Optic Q2 Laser: In order to meet the requirements of laser ranging, environmental detection, space communication and laser-material interaction mechanism research, developed sound and light modulation QC02 laser. The main technical parameters of the output of the laser are analyzed and calculated by using the Q - ray pulse rate equation of the Q - switched pulsed laser. The method of acoustic and QCO2: laser optimization design is proposed. Conducted a validation experiment.

In addition to the original DC discharge (DC discharge) excitation technology, there are AC discharge (AC discharge), radio frequency discharge (RF discharge), microwave discharge, which are developed this year, a variety of new incentive technology, DC discharge and RF discharge. Different materials, different paths of laser cutting machine, welding, surface treatment, often require the green laser pointer beam to change the way of work at any time, sometimes requiring continuous output, and sometimes require pulse output waveform. In recent years there has been enhanced pulse output, so that processing performance improved significantly.

High current gas discharge in the current, voltage, gas temperature are high, glow discharge positive column area of the thermal instability and arc contraction and so on more serious. How to ensure the uniformity and stability of large volume glow discharge is one of the key technologies of high power carbon dioxide lasers. Our commonly used techniques include: the large volume of discharge divided into many small discharge areas were controlled; gas rapid flow instability of the disturbing factors in time to bring out the discharge area; increase the turbulence to increase the uniformity of discharge; increase pre-ionization or external Ionization source to increase the uniformity of discharge.

The pulse repetition frequency of the laser is lHz ~ 50kHz, the output laser pulse width is 180ns and the peak power is 4062W, which is basically the same as the theoretical calculation. The results show that: through the acousto-optic crystal (AO) optimization and reasonable design of the resonator. Can achieve a small CO2 laser marking machine laser high frequency, narrow pulse width, high peak power output, and through the raster selection line design and TTL signal control to achieve such a red laser pointer wavelength tuning and coding output.

Laser cutting, welding and other applications require excellent beam quality, especially after the focus of the beam as thin as possible. In high power lasers, carbon dioxide lasers are the best of the beam. In the high power state, the thermal distortion and thermal damage of the laser crystal output window and the total reflection mirror are often the key technical problems that limit the improvement of the laser power and the improvement of the beam quality. Substrate selection and cooling, polishing, ultra-fine car and other process problems is also very important.

Carbon dioxide laser electro-optical conversion rate is generally in the range of 10% -20%, which can be considered a high conversion rate. Most of the rest of the discharge power through the electronic and gas particles of the elastic collision of gas heating, temperature rise; for high power lasers, the gas temperature rise faster. When the working pressure temperature reaches 300 ℃, the laser pen light and the lower energy level of the carbon dioxide laser have no laser output because there is no particle inversion. The actual situation is the gas temperature is greater than 150 ℃, the electro-optical conversion efficiency has decreased significantly. For this reason, the device is required to be able to quickly and efficiently take away the heat of the discharge zone gas. There are two commonly used methods: gas convection cooling and diffusion conduction cooling.

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The new burning laser pointer system

You will be in a position to work out the minimum plasma based field strength that would prove effective against the incoming burning laser pointer beam.It surrounded by helmeted soldiers defending against an unseen threat with their poorly aimed laser blasts.Its shooting ranges across the world could become bullet-free, with shooters firing laser beams at targets. The new burning laser pointer system, however, is more accurate, efficient, and silent. It will be delivered and further tested.By 2020, it plans to equip all of its fighter planes with laser.Shooting lasers, flashy red beams and all, will make the sport attractive and fashionable.It will be directly impacted if the sport moves from bullets to lasers. Jackson was working at NASA when 200mw Laser Pointer became available to use in research.They are the key element in lightsabers and the Imperial battle station's planet-killing laser.They are three-dimensionally generated in a liquid using focused femtosecond laser pulses.Changing the number of laser pulses used to irradiate the liquid.
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Very good high powered laser pointer

Very good high powered laser pointer I love collecting different type of lasers and this is my favorite it's strong right out of the box if you want a good laser get this one.This is a great laser I love playing with it. The beam is amazing. It's great for playing with animals and everything.I needed some cheap lasers for a project I'm working on, and these fit the bill. I originally assumed they were shipped from China since the delivery estimate was over a month, but I was then surprised to find that they were delivered within a week!

These Laser Tag guns are awesome!! So cool. I have had different types/sets of laser tag guns throughout my life and these are by far the best. They feel very solid and fit in your hand nicely. They feel much more advanced than your average laser tag set. Definitely the best technology in a personal laser tag set that I have seen. These are not toy laser tag guns they are the real deal. Watch my video below for how simple this is to use and set up quickly.

HTPOW The World's most Powerful Laser Pointer

They are the dimmest 1000mw Laser pointers I've ever seen. I didn't try all of them but the ones I tried did work, but they were all similarly dim. For point of reference, each laser is about 5-10 times dimmer than a cheap laser pointer I bought for my cat. They also seem a bit delicate--as the picture shows, its literally just the diode module with two leads soldered right now. I'm not sure what I was expecting when I bought 10 lasers for $2.30, but I was hoping that they would actually be the power that they claimed to be.

Very good product, very, very bright laser. I have bought a Chamberlin "Laser" garage assist. Chamberlin has a small pulsing almost invisible laser dot and if your windshield is tinted then is completely invisible. Replaced with this cheap WYHP laser dot…added a cell phone wall charger 5V and used USB cable from the same charger. Red goes to red and black to black from the laser. WOW!!! The results!!!The laser spot is about size of the penny and 50 times brighter. I did powered permanently from the wall plug of the garage opener, but you can use the same power as the opener bulb, so it will light up only when you open your garage door. Picture compare both dots on the garage floor.

They are also brighter than your typical laser pointer. I was easily able to see the laser point outside at night at distances of a couple of hundred feet. I suspect they could do damage if you are foolish enough to point this at someone's eyes.

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Whether We Will See the Death of Laser

Whether We Will See the Death of Laser

Boeing company's airborne burning laser program is a project of missile defensein in West naiad graphs , belongs to the U. S. Department of defense support of dozens of directed energy plan, these plans by Boeing, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman and contractors responsible for implementation. Boeing's Michael Lynn said: we just can not see death ray between 2500 to 5000 watts of laser, per minute can be hundreds of inch steel plate cutting. Laser power is 10 to 20 times higher than the current power of the military research, so its potential has been greatly improved, in a few seconds to cut metal. Mr Weinberg believes, lasers are increasingly military use. The sights of a gun with the laser device, laser device; targeted to help guide aircraft from aerial bombing, the safety of the communication line is also dependent on the device.

HTPOW The World's most Powerful Laser Pointer

Research on Laser weapons in the USA

In 50 years after the advent of the laser, the ubiquitous modern technology may be ready to provide a science fiction movie in the things of the laser transmitter.Advanced technology have made military testing personnel to use ground-based high powered laser to shoot down the invading of mortar shells or military commanders close to from the air emission aiming tank or mine of laser pulse.

Boeing Company's Plan On Laser Weapon

The laser installation in 747 plane is one thing, a truly meaningful weapon into battle is another matter. An airborne 200mw Laser Pointer test machine, which is code named YAL-1, is not a weapon, but a research project. The unexpected increase in the power of the laser. 1 month by using the installation in a 747 100 kW (or greater power) laser to in less than 2 minutes of time burn a hole in the flight of the missile, Weinberg believes that, there still exist a problem of laser weapon weight loss. The National Research Council says the missile defense agency's chemical lasers weigh more than 175 thousand pounds. Weinberg said, if you visit the laboratory, you will see the size of the laser almost two buildings so big.

One of the main obstacles to the development of laser weapons is how to generate enough energy to obtain the type of Laser Sight that the operational planners have envisioned. But it is considered an important milestone in the development of a design that has recently crossed the base power of 100 kW. The engineer improved the lens coating, laser cooling and micro electronic devices, thereby avoiding the high power laser pulse in the operation of the weapons themselves burned. So after many years of research and finally produced the useless on the battlefield of the laser, only a possible exception -- ballistic missile defense.
However, it is precisely in this defense field, the use of the concept of the laser has been the most publicized. The schedule is 8 years later than scheduled, and has cost $4 billion. Gates also questioned a need in the distance missile 80 miles to shoot down the laser practical, because it means that it must fly over enemy air defense region which is likely to be suicide move.


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Cool working principle of the laser weapon

Cool working principle of the laser weapon

Laser weapon is a weapon that uses high energy burning laser beam to strike a target from a distance. It is flexible, fast, accurate, anti electromagnetic interference and so on. But the laser weapon is easily influenced by the weather and the atmosphere, because the laser weapon's attack mode is still in the optical category, so these factors will affect the precision of the laser weapon.

Why laser weapons are so popular, perhaps mainly because the principle of work is so cool!However, this can't stop people for laser weapons of love and pursuit, whether it is in the movies or in reality, we will be amazed at laser weapon.Home has a flashlight friends will know, in the center of the flashlight is a tiny lighting, the lighting around with a concave mirror, the lighting of the light gathering to flashlight center, this flashlight to illuminate the somewhere else.
 Attack 10000mw Blue Laser Pointer Pen 450nm

In fact, 5000mw Laser weapons essence principle and the flashlight is same, but laser weapon can focus the more rays, the light with the same wavelength, frequency, the same wavelength let they don't interfere with each other, so as to more concentrated are being sent out, and in the process of launching the will only consume little energy, so even if distance is very far, laser weapon can still maintain lethal to visit. Laser weapons can produce a beam of great power, the energy of which is 1000-1000000 times as much as that of ordinary incandescent lamps.

Laser is a radiation, like our sun usually encountered in the ultraviolet, infrared radiation, the sun far away from us, so the 200mw Green Laser radiation to our benefit will be more and laser is will the radiation is strengthened, resulting in damage to the target.

From the point of view of the process, electrons act as intermediates in the laser medium , after a series of changes, the energy of energy transfer to the generated photons,so the power of laser basically decided by the size of the energy and energy here, generally speaking is a high-energy battery, so now the laser weapon countries such as the United States, Russia and other are actively seek ways to high-energy battery miniaturization, because on the battlefield, it is not possible to have laser weapon followed by a power station of the phenomenon.

Light has wave particle duality as that light is not only containing particles, and Laser Sight produced is through store and release energy, electron from the calm state excitation to the active state in the return to peace and the release of the electronic process, Eventually this process will produce a huge energy of the focus light, and then through the focus of the lens is emitted out, which is the process of laser generation.

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Friend of your AK47

Friend of your AK47

There are so many excellent features on the 5000mw Laser Pointer that it's kind of hard to know where to start. Just be patient and I'll cover everything.

After firing a couple of hundred rounds with the laser mounted there was absolutely no "tube creep" on the mount and the zero was dead on from the first round to the last. The way the rail mount attaches to the laser I doubt that even dropping the weapon onto the laser would put the laser out of zero.Changing the battery is also very simple and easy. Just unscrew the end cap, replace the battery and re-install the end cap. This is much easier than other lasers that use the button type batteries where you need a screwdriver and sometimes have to remove the burning laser from your weapon to change batteries. You can change the battery on this laser while it is still mounted to the weapon meaning that you won't need to re-zero the laser after a battery change.

Power Blue Laser Pointers 10000mw

The mounting options are also excellent for the 300mw Laser Pointer Green . Although this 300mw laser is not advertised as having a "universal" mounting system the variety of laser mounts do make the mounting methods pretty universal. You can mount it on a rail, around the barrel of a shotgun, on the magazine tube of a shotgun and on the scope tube of a rifle scope. I mounted this laser onto a Picatinny rail on my AK using the included rail mount.The first major difference from the lasers that I own is the power source. As I already have a charger that will accommodate this battery this is no issue for me. You can also use a "regular" CR123A battery instead of the rechargeable type. This much battery power should power this laser for quite a long time.

Just like any other sight or scope you remove the dust cover from the adjustment knobs, adjust the windage and elevation with the hex wrench and then re-install the dust covers. I set the initial zero using, of all things, a 20mw laser pointer. I set the zero at 50 yards. When I took my AK to the range it took only four rounds and two minor adjustments to hit dead center in the 10 ring at 50 yards. I then zeroed the laser at 100 yards using the 3x9 variable scope that is mounted to my AK. This took 10 rounds to accomplish so that I was hitting dead center. with the laser.

Zeroing the 20mw Laser Pointer is accomplished using the included hex wrench.I am not a really big fan of the remote pressure pad switches that I have used in the past. I like the ability to activate a laser and/or light with the pad, but I've had too many fail over time. The pressure pad on the Niniso Green Dot Tactical Laser Sight is really "beefy" compared to others that I have owned. It is heavier and more robust than others and should last quite a while. Only time will tell if this pressure pad holds up better than others I have used. In the event that the pressure pad does quit working you can always replace it with the switch button.

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